The original Islington Street Malt Store was erected in 1878 by Thomas Hood for the purpose of making malt liquor. By 1909, Hood’s sons had taken over and the malt house was storing and supplying local brewing companies including the Victoria Brewery. One of Collingwood’s earliest and most successful enterprises, the malt store represented an early phase of industrial development in the area. The expansion of the original malt store to incorporate the adjoining silos mirrored the burgeoning brewing industry in Victoria at the time. Today, the malt store and silos complex are prominent elements of the Islington Street development. The overall integrity of the building is preserved by limiting external embellishments through measured design to encapsulate the simplicity of the silos and successfully integrate new elements with purpose. Two impressive glass penthouses are perched at the ‘crown’ of the silos, creating the illusion of floating forms. The soft curves of the building feature large glass walls, capturing stunning views and lending an ethereal juxtaposition.

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